How to update your address on the Finanças website

Here are instructions for updating your address on the Portuguese tax office's website, "Portal das Finanças".

  1. Go to this URL:, enter your login credential and click the "Autenticar" button.

  2.  You should end up on this screen, which is also known as " e-balcão"). Translation: e-counter. This is the Portuguese Tax Office's online help counter where you can complete a variety of tasks.
  3. Scroll down until you see a blue " Registar Nova Questão" button and then click on it. Translation: "Register new question"
  4. You will end up on this screen, which is the form that you need to fill out to put in a request to change your address.

    For the first set of dropdown fields, please select the following:
    Imposto ou área = Registro Contribuinte (Tax or area = Taxpayer Registration)
    Tipo de questão = Identific (Type of question = Identified)
    Questão = Alteração Morada/Singular (Question = Change of Address / Singular)

    A question will appear underneath. Select "  Não".

  5. In the text field labeled Assunto (Subject), put:
Alteração de Morada e Cancelamento de Representação Fiscal

Translation: Change of Address and Cancellation of Tax Representation

In the text field labeled Mensagem (Message), copy-paste the following message and update the 3 items in brackets:

Exmos(as) Srs(as), bom dia!
Venho por este meio solicitar a alteração da minha morada.
A minha morada atual é: [insert your complete new address here - including your parish]
Por fim, solicito também o cancelamento da representação fiscal com [your tax representative's name (assigned through Bordr)] - NIF [your tax representative's NIF], tendo em vista a atualização da minha morada em [country of the new address].
Muito obrigada pela vossa ajuda!


[Your name]

Dear, good morning!
I hereby request my change of address.
My current address is: [insert your complete new address here - including your parish]
Finally, I also request the cancellation of the tax representation of [your tax representative's name (assigned through Bordr)] - NIF [your tax representative's NIF], with a view to updating my address in [country of the new address].
Thank you very much for your help!


Finally, attach your new proof of address document. This has to be a single file with a maximum size of 5MB.
You can find more information on the list of acceptable documents here - What can I use as proof of address in Portugal?

6. Click the blue " Registar Questão" button to send the request. Translation: "Register question"

7. You will need to check back on the request within 12 hours. You can use this quick link:

In most cases, the tax office will request for an additional confirmation document from your end. You should see a message from Autoridade Tributária with a document for you to sign and return. It should have the word " Alteração", which means "change". Download the form by clicking on the link.

** If you haven't received this document, you can skip this step and proceed to Step 10. 

8. On Page 1 of the document: Review the updated details.
On Page 2 of the document: Add today's date and sign (see guide below).

Send this document back to the Tax Office by responding to the message thread and attaching the signed 2-page document. This must be completed within 48 hours of receiving the Alteração document.

Include the following message:

Veja o documento assinado em anexo

Translation: See signed document attached

9. Now that you've submitted the Alteração document, you just need to wait for Finanças to issue your updated NIF document. This will come in the form of a message.

10. After 24-48 hours, log in to the portal once more.

You can use this quick link to go to the Atendimento e-balcão (e-counter service):

Click the " Ver Pedido"  button to open the message thread.

11. The next page should have your new NIF document available for download! 🎉

Last updated: October 19, 2022

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